About Us

Bluestone Communications, Inc. was founded in 2005, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. (the oldest Electrical Contractor in the United States) to provide diversified Telecommunications Installation and Maintenance services. The company has since grown to include a portfolio of advanced Technological offerings, allowing Bluestone to be a diversified Technology and Telecommunications resource.

Our philosophy is to clearly understand the client’s business objectives, by being highly interactive with the client and fully understanding their individual business model and needs. This knowledge gives our Project Managers and support staff the ability to pre-plan and organize the scope of the project into a successful operational plan. Bluestone’s Project Management team then utilizes their expertise and experience to guide our skilled craftsmen through the full execution of the project.

Bluestone Communications strives to be the most professional and diligent Technology Contractor in the industry, while competitively providing the highest quality installation and maintenance services.