Intelligent Patching

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of network infrastructure, knowing the exact state of the physical network can save time and money. As network equipment is added and more and more converging systems depend on the structured cabling infrastructure, having a fully documented system matters more than ever. Intelligent patching hardware and software work to provide real-time updates to the system database, as changes are made. These updates allow the workforce, responsible for the network as a whole, to react more quickly to requests for service. In addition, it allows instant audits of the system and the ability to produce reports at a moment’s notice.

Bluestone works with many intelligent patching system vendors, and can provide the installation and integration of these systems into your daily work flow. We can work with your staff, once the physical installation has been completed, to provide the integration of the software and database applications to provide a customized solution geared to the processes of your day-to-day methods of procedures.